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"Triple six is my number, you can get it off my tumblr."


This is my Serj Kravchenko, he is the lead singer of Oceans Red… He needs to be in my life right now..

Anyone who says the sentence: “I don’t need to drink or take drugs to have a good time, I’m high on life!”, punch that cunt in the head until his head brakes…

—Jim Jefferies (via blackestdespondency)

(via blackestdespondency)

The bible, that’s god book, as far as I know the devil hasn’t brought out a book yet, haven’t heard his side of the argument. God’s just writing shit about him, and the devil’s being the bigger man and saying I’m not even going to comment, talking shit about me like that.

—Jim Jeffries (via spiritualempty)

"Change is inevitable and may not introduce itself in the kindest of all ways. The idea is to find hope in something, anything. Never lose hope in yourself. Never lose hope in family." 

Devin and Andy Oliver. ♥

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